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"The beast lives, out of the raging storm, in the dead of night. The ravenous, blood-sick creature searches for its sacrifice. Through the hideous darkness, it lurches, driven by death itself. Only the satisfaction of slaughter will cause it to return to the darkness from which it came."

Mini Journal


STATUS — slowly healing

sooo things have been hard! im struggling to find a job, down to my last 1k in savings. Haven't been taking commissions for mental health reasons. the good news is, i may finally be able to get back into that. I can kind of feel my energy and interest slowly returning...! for now, im just trying to live. its been hard. but ill figure it out.


STATUS — hard times

things arent going so well, but im trying to keep my head up. it feels like im constantly worrying about if ill be able to afford groceries week by week, and my mom was just fired from her weekday job for some really stupid reasons. trying to stay positive, and working on starting some new projects to hopefully pick myself up.


STATUS — healing is not linear

im doing much better than before! over covid, but the cough is lingering on top of allergies :P its a little hard to find motivation and im very stressed about my lack of income, but at least i have savings i could fall back on if i really need to. ill try to continue work on this site when i get the chance.


STATUS — sick :(

i hauve covid,, i am doing okay just feel icky. the worst part is how fucked my smell/taste is!!! wish i could see my girlfriend,, but thats ok i will see her soon enough. i am play more baldurs gate.


STATUS — healing ♥

updating website to match my new vibe! i am a changed dog. things are changing. what I want for myself is changing. i am becoming whole.


  • Moved some things around.
  • Updated journal.
  • Updated bio.
  • Changed up "branding".

  • Lessened the eyestrain of the BG with a gradient :3
  • Other minor changes!
  • And now I will stop for a while because I wish to play Baldur's Gate...

  • Blog, Art Gallery, and Resources are still a WIP.
  • Ended up changing things entirely...! Changelog reset!

  • Minor format changes.
  • Might end up being pretty major changes if I keep this up...